Too Busty For Dating Her Bra

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The world became a better place when Lara Jones decided to bare her super-structure. Many girls have tossed their tops for SCORE. Lara has a pair of the best-looking and biggest tits in over 25 years of SCORE photographing busty ladies. She is also the total package, from her face to her toes. SCORELAND: So you go to the park a lot, what do you do there? Lara: I go to the park and spend the day just enjoying nature. I will take long walks there and enjoy being surrounded by all of the natural beauty. I like to read and listen to the music of the birds. It's relaxing. And sometimes I bike, too. I like to spend time outdoors when the weather is nice. SCORELAND: You are a nature girl. What do you like to read? Lara: Romantic novels sometimes. Novels about history, too. I like history with a good story. SCORELAND: Are you a party girl? Lara: Yes, I am! I really like it! Sometimes in the evening, I go clubbing with my friends. SCORELAND: What kind of music do you like to dance to and listen to? Lara: I like rock 'n' roll for clubs, and for parties, Sean Paul and Katy Perry. SCORELAND: What do you like about her? Lara: I like the way she looks. I know she has big breasts, too. Not as big as mine, of course. I know she's a nice girl, too. SCORELAND: Few women have breasts as big as yours, especially natural breasts.