The Hot String Bikini Girl

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Now for the girl who puts the BAM! in Alabama. Someone who deserves a statue in an Alabama museum or park because her body is a work of art. She's Rockell, a lithe and limber lass with natural knockers, a fantastic body and a gorgeous face. Rockell has it all. Rockell is the covergirl of February '13 Voluptuous and March '13 SCORE, two editions you should own so that Rockell could autograph them should you ever have the good luck to bump into her. There have only been a few Alabamians who became SCORE Girls. There was Autumn-Jade and, more recently, Anna Loren. Neighboring Georgia has many more. Why so few is a question that has no answer. Maybe Rockell knows a few busty friends back home who'd want to follow her lead and pop their tops too. That would bring us more happiness. In this video, Rockell kills an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny yellow knitted string bikini at poolside and then gets wet. Yes, they do indeed float. Rockell gets out of the pool, oils up and shows you exactly what a southern girl is made of. And that's Alabamian anatomy at its sexiest! If she doesn't drive you bananas, consult your health care professional. Thanks for coming, Rockell!