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You're pretty stacked, Victoria, and we are digging on your huge jugs. Were you always big on top like that? "Ohmigosh! I was so flat-chested until, like, a year ago. They used to call me Skeeter 'cause my tits were like mosquito bites and it was super-embarrassing. Then, all of a sudden, my boobs just popped up out of nowhere. And so did all these guys. It was like having instant popularity. I lost my virginity a month after." Which do you prefer, your big boobs now, or do you miss having tiny tits? "I love my tits now. They are the best! Do you know how much I get away with because I have big boobs? They're, like, my golden ticket. When I get pulled over, I just make sure I push them up and when the cop gets a good look, he ends up flirting with me and not giving me the ticket. I do the same thing when I want to cut in line. And I just learned that I can actually use my boobs to fuck a guy! I never knew that. Now I love to wrap them around a guy's cock when I'm sucking him off."