Voluptuous Xtra

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Sexy college student Brandy Talore is learning about sex education in a way that no textbook can teach. The subject for the test is the female reproductive system. Brandy has illustrations to work from, but she needs more explanation. This is just asking for trouble. The college she's attending must be using WWII surplus diagrams judging from the pictures. Brandy has a test, and she needs to get an A. Rather than accomplish that the old-fashioned way (by giving the professor a hummer) Brandy decides to study. Of course, there's nothing that says you can't blow the tutor. Her tutor goes about showing her what it's all about, although he starts with her breasts, which aren't exactly part of the reproductive system. Don't tell her that. He gives Brandy an A-plus in mammary glands which is a no-brainer. Brandy acknowledges the benefits of hands-on learning while her tutor is playing with her huge, firm tits. He then explains that his breast play will make her pussy wet from her juices. Rather than slipping her panties off to show her, he grabs the white cotton and tears it in two. A real man licks pussy so he goes down on her snatch, a finger tickling her inside while his tongue savors her taste. The tutor then slides his pants off to give Brandy some information on the male genital system. As part of Brandy's continuing education, she grips his cock and puts it in her mouth. Brandy has tits that were meant to be dicked so some boob banging is also required as part of the tutorial. Brandy does not ask what all of this fucking around has to do with her test. A good student doesn't question her teacher, even when he's shoving his meat into her pussy. Brandy is so wholesome, curvy and pretty that it's impossible not to get a boner looking at her. Brandy's tutorial continues with some deep fucking and her asking to try several different positions until her tutor can no longer hold the volcano in and he jerks off over her tits. You have to love a girl seeking knowledge.