Busty Dildo Lovers 2 Melonie Charm

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It was Melonie Charm's long-term goal to reach a 50 inch bust-line. Rarely has there been such a tit-oriented woman as Melonie, a very cordial gal. Her knowledge of breasts was astounding. A more recent arrival to SCORE who thinks like this is the German sensation Beshine, whose shower video is shown here at SCOREVideos.com. In this video from the SCORE Classic Busty Dildo Lovers 2, Melonie is a school teacher and super-busty MILF who goes into a pleasurizing frenzy in her classroom. She coats her mega-boobs in cream and fucks them with a dildo that's about the size of a maitre d's peppergrinder. This monster is too big to fit into Melonie's pussy-hole so she finishes herself off with her fingers. Please also note Melonie's thick, fleshy, angel-flaps, the kind of pussy lips treasured by thick-lips lovers. At the time this scene was photographed, Melonie talked about her breast fetish, something she was always eager to do. "My boobs weigh 18 pounds at last check! It's actually very difficult to weigh them too. I've tried lots of ways to weigh my breasts. The most accurate way is using the produce scale at a supermarket, but this can be extremely tricky with fellow shoppers around. My current method is to step on my bathroom scale at home and record the weight--right now, 132 pounds--then have a friend hold my boobs up while I step back on the scale. Right now I'm 114 pounds. It's a bit tricky to teach my friends exactly the right way to hold my tits so that the reading is accurate, but they seem to enjoy practicing." Melonie retired in the mid-00's and dropped completely out of sight, to the consternation of fans of super-sized models, who still ask about her.