Oils Well

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What Jasmine Shiraz does so well: A) Shakes her natural sweaterbumpers up and down and side to side with exceptional, kinetic skills. She could operate an Xbox Kinect with her boobs. A man could watch this for hours; B) Self-sucks and self-licks her nipples beautifully and with excellent oral talents; C) Oils like a Renaissance artist. Jasmine must breastnotize 'em at the Jersey shore during the summer when she reaches for the suntan oil bottle. It will be very easy to lose it completely during this fresh SCORELAND vid when a totally-oiled Jasmine lays her slick, slippery body on the bed, peels aside her sticky panties and begins to rub one out while playing with her natural 36F gifts, her eyes wide with horniness. For someone who's brand-new at this, Jasmine has natural talent. "When I was 18 or 19, there was no way I could do this, even though I thought about it. I've always liked to show off my boobs," Jasmine says. Better now than never! "It's been what I expected in terms of what I'm doing, but I thought it would be a lot easier," said Jasmine who logged into SCORELAND to see what the girls do before she contacted us. As you can see, the sultry brunette girl-next-door is a quick study! Thank you, Jasmine Shiraz!