Conquering The Sierra Mountains

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One of the great busty fuck stars, Sierra is still very actively modeling. Known for her nasty anal action, Sierra's said that she's shy, not that anyone would guess that after seeing her take giant cocks down her throat, cunt and butthole. "The real Sierra is very shy," says the real Sierra. "I hate talking to people without looking into their eyes. I avoid the phone as much as possible. It makes me nervous. I hate it when people walk up to me and try to talk to me. If I'm trying to have dinner at a restaurant or I'm at a bar and someone tries to talk to me, I won't say much 'cause I'm very shy. Some people think I'm stuck-up 'cause I won't talk to anybody, but it's not like that at all. I'm a hard girl to get attention from. You have to make me laugh, and it can't be the same old sorry line. I also don't like pretty boys. I don't like bodybuilders. I don't like any guy who stands in front of the mirror longer than I do. As a matter of fact, most of my girlfriends tell me that most of my boyfriends are ugly. I don't go out with a guy because of the way he looks, I go out with a guy because of his personality. If he can make me laugh and smile, then I'm happy. If he treats me like a princess and sexes me up every night, I'm happy. But I'm a pretty shy girl. You wouldn't know I was in porn unless you've seen me in magazines or movies." But when you see Sierra suck cock and eat cum, shyness is the last personality trait you would guess she has.