Stacked Soccer Slut

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If you were in sunny and tropical Miami, wouldn't you want to spend your days outdoors? Wouldn't you want to bask in the great weather and maybe play a game or two of a sport meant to be enjoyed in the sunshine? Maybe some softball? Perhaps some golf? How about soccer with a chesty gal like Christy Marks? Even though she is carrying around two basketball-sized tits, Christy is a surprisingly agile soccer player. She handles a soccer ball like a champ, maneuvering around this beach with her tatas bouncing every which way and right out of her top. All that movement makes her so hot that she has to cool down under an outdoor shower, and the masturbatory hijinks ensue. So check out this video and watch the action go down in this order: Christy plays with a ball. You play with your balls. She gets wet and juicy in the shower. You jack until you shower cum all over the place.