German-Chinese Coed Takes The Enormous Cock

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Jessie Lee was a one-shot busenwunder, as they say in Germany. Jessie Lee's mother is German and her father is Chinese. Jessie, a waitress, saw some of our German-language editions (called Hot SCORE) and wrote a letter. The letter read, in part, "I am interested in modeling for magazines and videos. I don't know the first thing about how to do these things, but I am willing and able to do what you need." If only they could all be like Jessie. Our studio arranged for Jessie to visit SCORE's studio in London, just to expedite the shoots. With her German-Chinese heritage, Jessie has exotic, Eurasian features. She said her favorite way to satisfy a man is with cock sucking. (Jessie calls them "throat blow-ups.") This is the first and only time Jessie made a sex video with a guy. She wasn't nervous at all, just eager to please. She seemed to get off on looking at the camera a lot while Steve's dick thrust away in her pussy. Did Jessie like the experience? "I just let myself be trained by Steve," said Jessie. "He guided me and told me what to do. I am very tight, but his cock felt good in me. I am a passive girl, and I don't have a lot of experience at home in Germany so I wanted to obey his directions. This kind of sex for photos is not like the kind of sex I have with a friend. I felt like I should not be doing it. That made it more exciting to me and made me want to do it more." Sadly, Jessie never made another video and SCORE never heard from her again. It was wild oats time for Jessie, and off she went. Sometimes we ask ourselves if these girls are using us. Hopefully, the answer is yes.