Office Rules According To Maya

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Maya Milano is trying to get some office work done but it's not easy. Her mind is wandering, her attention is diverted to things besides boring paperwork. Those tits weigh heavily on our minds and Maya knows it. She leaves the desk grind behind and starts to play with her precious gifts. Maya examines her amazing breasts carefully. Maybe not as carefully as we do. Letting them loose out of her dress, Maya is distracted by her tits. Maybe not as distracted as we are. She's been away from the camera for far too long. Now she's back and looking even more beautiful and fitter than ever. Maya will never get any work done today. She'd rather play on her desk. According to a study published in The Journal of Female Health Sciences, American women have the biggest natural boobs in the world. We believe this is bogus, especially when you look at the influx of Eastern Europeans with fantastic naturals the past few years such as our friend Maya, Demmy Blaze, Juliana Simms and Alexya.