Valory. s Only Tits Tugs.

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Valory Irene started off her first and last Tits & Tugs, with a boob-shaking, hip-grinding dance. She's wearing a tiny bikini at poolside. Her slim, gorgeous, busty bod is made to be adorned in sexy swimsuits and tight outfits. After her dance, Valory gets into a cat-like pose and moves toward the camera. "Today, I have a very special surprise for you," Valory says in her sexy accent, a smile brightening her beautiful face. "You will like it. [You've been] waiting a long time for this. And you deserve it. And I want to give you exactly what you want." Valory cups her cups for emphasis. "I'm going to give you this. All of this. You ready?" She walks away, her ass cheeks moving from side-to-side, and she strolls over to the veranda for her Tits & Tugs session. This video was shot in P.O.V. for a virtual experience. You the man. Disembodied hands apply oil to Valory's succulent 42-inch breasts, rubbing and massaging them until they are shiny and slick, and ready for tit-fucking. Valory moans with pleasure from the breast and nipple stimulation. Her eyes are wide and full of expectation, her tits offered for the taking.