Sweet Gigi Sweets How Sweet Can She Get

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Born in Oklahoma City and now living in Portland, Oregon, blonde cutie Gigi Sweets calls herself a Y2K bimbo adult entertainer. She's a daughter of the internet, meaning she's been all over social media, from Youtube to Twitter to Instagram to Twitch, since she was a teen. Blogging, cosplay, vlogging, gaming, Gigi does it all. When the call of the wild hit Gigi, she moved into amateur and pro adult action: stripping, fetish, role playing and hardcore. Our model recruiter spotted Gigi on Twitter. In this scene, Gigi peels off her red halter top and denim shorts to suck on her pliable breasts and finger-bang her hairless, young pussy. We didn't see any tattoos on Gigi's pale, white skin. That's unusual today. "There were rumors that my boobs were fake when I was a teen," Gigi said. "I have always gotten extra attention for my chest. I played volleyball in high school and my boobs were always bouncing and jiggling." Volleyball? No wonder Gigi had all eyes on her tits. For some reason, Gigi seems like a girl who'd live in a pink Barbie-style house with pink furniture and drive a pink Mini Cooper.