Mystery Date With Minka

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Ryan McLane phones for a date for the evening. He has specific preferences about who he wants. She has to be Asian and she has to have big tits. McLane emphasizes big, really big tits. The agency tells him that they have just the right one for him. When the lady in question shows up at McLane's house, he goes into shock when he hears her say "Minka is here." He's been a longtime fan of the amazing Minka and has been crushing on her for a long time through her movies and photos. He doesn't wait to take Minka into the bedroom. He enjoys fondling her slim and super-stacked body, sucking on her nipples in the hallway and snacking on her bushy pussy. Minka kneels to jerk and suck his dick, making all of his fantasies come true. Finally making it into the bedroom, Minka kneels and offers her giant tits so he can fuck them. She gets on top and tit-fucks him, sliding back and forth. Her long nipples stiffen, rubbing against him. Getting on her back, ready for the beef injection, Minka watches McLane rub his cock against her pussy, then fill her up and fuck her in missionary. He takes her from behind and marvels over her slim body that doesn't have an ounce of fat. Minka urges him to empty his balls and that makes him explode all over her twin peaks. She watches her boobs get creamed and murmurs words of approval and satisfaction.