Tessa Orlov She Also Has Happy Tits If The Bra Fits

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Tasty young morsel Tessa Orlov tries on bras and bikini tops. It's the next best thing to going with Tessa to the dressing room of a lingerie store or bringing her to your place. That tiny bikini top would probably need to be glued on if she was going to the beach or a public pool. The cherubic cutie pulls out a measuring tape, but this is more for play than accuracy. Tessa then sinks her lovely fingers into her pink, thick lipped pussy, spanking and rubbing fast so she can feel the pleasure. Did she find her G-spot? Tessa wears a bra but not all of the time. The soft, wireless models are her favorites. She likes to leave her house without a bra sometimes and happily bounce around, leaving a trail of boob-struck guys in her wake. The former ice cream salesgirl has come and cum a long way.