Shelby Gibson Tit Chat

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Shelby Gibson talks to Dave about her visit to SCORELAND and her life as a SCORE reader's wife. Her enthusiasm jumps off the screen. Dave pointed this out to Shelby: "I think one of the things guys like about you is that you are a little nervous. You don't have the blase porn star way about you. You're totally a girl-next-door, not a porn star." Shelby's watched her original Tits & Tugs blow job scene "at least 30 times." She'll watch her full-sex scenes with JMac just as many times, if not more. "It was better than I expected. There was really good chemistry between JMac and myself. I felt safe with him and totally turned on by him. I knew it would be a great experience. I love big cocks. I've always loved big cocks."