Got Milk

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Princess Pumpkins displays astonishing, incredible feats of boob gymnastics that must be seen. The beautiful blonde would be a gold medalist in this sport if a new version of the Boob Olympics was held, with or without pitchers of milk. Masturbation is a big part of webcamming, less so when a girl has big tits. Princess: A lot of the things guys ask for is obviously boobie stuff, but once in a while I'll get a lot of guys who want penetration, and the toys are in my pussy for a long time. I've had toys in my pussy for hours. SCORELAND: Do guys ever send you toys to play with? Princess: Yes. Big ones! SCORELAND: So even with masturbating on-cam for a long time, you're still horny. Princess: I'm a pretty horny girl. SCORELAND: Do you think it's true that girls with big boobs are hornier? Princess: That's probably where we keep our pheromones.