Sun-kissed Brit Tits

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There's no need to peep on Aurora Rose. She knows we're watching and she likes it. Even just hanging up her laundry, which are all bras, Aurora brings her special brand of British sexiness to the big show. Aurora's nipples are slipping out of her bra. They want to seek release and get some sun. Ahh...brassieres. They hold the goodies we love so dearly. "Hello, boys," Aurora says in that sexy-cheery-cheeky English girl way. "I'm just doing my laundry. It's such a beautiful day and I thought I'd let my lovely bras dry outside. My dress has gotten a little bit damp so I think I'll leave that on the line also." Good move, Aurora. Laundry is a drudge. Better to laze in the grass on a beach towel and take her sun-kissed, tan-lined tits out. Speaking of sun-kissed, Aurora kisses each breast, leaving red lipstick on them. Aurora's panties disappear. She stands up to play with her tits, tugging, jiggling, bouncing, shaking and swinging them because she's our breast friend.