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Bodacious Erin Star and her equally bodacious sister Helen live up to their names. They're both Stars. Discovered in Bucharest, Romania, our photographer traveled to their city with his team because girls like these two have to be filmed. Their layouts are in both SCORE and Voluptuous. They are the first sisters with natural breasts to be featured in both magazines. Erin had only been modeling for three months when this video was shot. She's never been photographed before. As the photographer's translator said, "You guys popped the cherry." Erin likes to go out with her friends, go to the movies and, in general, have fun like any 20-year-old girl of any country. As for sports or fitness, she likes to run in the park. That sight is not on any Romanian tourist guide recommendations but it's on our list of sights to see. Erin says she likes guys who make her laugh and behave like gentlemen. Her philosophy is traditional when it comes to dating and sex. There has to be at least three dates, even if the guy is Count Dracula, and there has to be a strong connection and attraction before she'd even consider having sex.