Roxi Red Bursting Bras Do A Boner Good

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Roxi Red has to sleep in a bra. Her gigantic tits need all the support she can get. That bra that Roxi is sleeping in looks lightweight for her incredible rack. It shows a huge amount of boobage. Roxi gets out of bed and jiggles her jugs encased in the bra cups. Every time we see Roxi, the sight of her knockers knocks us out. They're beyond belief. Roxi goes to the bathroom and rubs cream on her American treasures. She rubs and rubs and claps and slaps her tits together. All that rubbing and jiggling heats up Roxi and her boobs. She needs to chill down her hot body. A cold shower will cool her jets, or maybe not. Roxi touches her pussy and sticks a finger in, pleasuring her clit as the water cascades over her. After she dries off, she slips into a tight pink outfit that is not suitable for shopping at her local supermarket.