Tits Tugs Tongue

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For the very first time on-camera, Alaura Grey is going to let a guy lay his hands on her super-big boobs. She's going to let him wedge his boner in the deepest cleavage he's ever slid into. She's going to give him a blow job while she's having her tits fucked. And she's going to stroke him off on her face. Yes, it's actually happening. TSG editor Dave wrote: "Show of hands: If you could fuck Alaura's mouth, tits, pussy or ass but could only fuck one of the four, which would you fuck? I'm willing to bet that the vast majority of you would say, "I'd fuck her tits and be happy for the rest of my life." After all, every girl has a mouth, pussy and ass. Very few girls have tits like Alaura's. But, of course, we're men. Give us an inch and we'll take a foot. Give us a tit-fuck and we want a blow job." This is what many of you have literally begged for since Alaura appeared at XL Girls in 2014. Her boobs are so huge and perfectly shaped that the biggest cocks simply disappear between them. When Alaura decided to go for a Tits & Tugs, to everyone's surprise at The SCORE Group, she added cock sucking to the mix, making it an even bigger surprise. The cock donor probably didn't know he was contributing to big boob history. For those who collect DVDs, Alaura's Tits & Tugs & Tongue scene is part of Tits & Tugs 10, available at eBoobStore.com .