The Sybian Latin Sofa

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SCORELAND newcomer Barbara Angel has seen a lot of sofas, divans, couches and chairs but she never saw anything like the "sex sofa" right there in front of her. This super-high tech sex machine called the IBIS is made by in Vyškov, Czech Republic. It comes in different colors and there are two models with a third in development. The Eros is for two women. The sex sofa Barbara used is called the Ebos and designed for one girl. Our photographer had asked her earlier if she wanted to do a shoot on it and she said yes. Her eyes were as wide as saucers she examined this device out of Star Trek. She was very curious. Naturally, Barbara wanted to recline on it and get beamed-up. And that she did. We asked Barbara what she thought of the experience. SCORELAND: What did you think of the "sex sofa?" Barbara: It was a very interesting and enjoyable experience. I would love to have a sex sofa at home! SCORELAND: Had you ever used anything like it before? Barbara: Not ever! It was my first time on such a machine. SCORELAND: If you could get one for your apartment, would you do it? Barbara: Definitely, yes! I really enjoyed it while shooting. SCORELAND: Had you ever seen any videos of models using it? Barbara: I saw a video only when I learned that I would shoot on the sex sofa. SCORELAND: How would you describe the sensations of the sofa compared to your hand or a regular vibrator? Barbara: The sofa is doing all the work so a woman can just enjoy it. Additionally, the fingers can be applied to the clitoris for more enjoyment. Holding a vibrator is different because I am doing the work of moving it in and out of my pussy!