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So JMac is at the auto repair show with the company car and the mechanic tells him to wait up front. JMac is buying something from the vending machine when Laura comes up behind him and smacks his ass. "I can think of a few things we can do to make the time go by faster," 51-year-old Laura says, her DD-cup tits pouring out of her low-cut top. "You should follow me." So he follows her up to the office where Laura makes a move on his zipper. "He doesn't mind," Laura tells JMac. "He gets his, I get mine. Let's get this cock out. Don't you know a cock-hungry wife when you see her?" JMac fucks her mouth and tits then hammers her pussy every which way before cumming on her face. Laura is a wife and mother from Scottsdale, Arizona, and this is her third appearance at She's a swinger who felt stifled by her first husband, became a wild woman, got married again and is no less wild now. In fact, she's probably even less sexually inhibited. "I have worked in corporate America as a secretary and in a lot of non-profit work," Laura said. "I tried the best I could to be a sexy secretary back then. My ex-husband was uptight about everything so I couldn't be too sexy. But I think my sex appeal just kind of showed through no matter what. Now I don't have to hide it."