A Suitcase of Love

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What's in a SCORE Girl's suitcase when she visits? What's in Sheridan Love's suitcase? You are about to find out in this Bonus video and photo set. Our chat with this living doll continues. SCORE: What's it like for you going through airports with boobs that big? Sheridan: I almost always get patted down. I think they think I am trying to sneak things in. Either that or they just want to get a quick feel. SCORE: We believe the only motive is to get a quick feel. Have you ever gotten out of a speeding ticket by showing the cop your boobs? Sheridan: I don't drive, but if I did I would be sure to wear very low or see-through shirts all the time just in case. SCORE: Have you ever masturbated in a car while you were being driven? Sheridan: Well, as I said, I don't drive but I have masturbated many times in the car going places! When I moved to Vegas, the moving truck had a bouncy seat. So I put a toy in my pussy and felt every orgasmic bump in the road! SCORE: Do you play with your breasts without realizing it, like when you're watching TV? Most SCORE and V-mag Girls say yes. Sheridan: I do play with them all the time without realizing it. It's mainly when I am in deep thought. Like at the store trying to remember everything that I need. People give me weird looks, then I realize what I'm doing . Oops! (Laughs)