Flower Girl

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In a very rare event, Joana talks about her background and New Age interests in an exclusive interview. Joana has always been a mystery even though she's modeled for more than ten years. After their chat, Joana shows what she's brought for poolside play in the video, "A Goddess In The Flesh." Music: "I like a lot of different music. I like dance music. 1960s music. Old music. I like to dance, but I have to be careful about what kind of dancing I do because my big breasts bounce all over the place! I like disco." Favorite foods: "I like mushrooms. I'm a vegetarian. I don't eat any meat. My meat is mushrooms. Maybe fish and eggs." On sex with a person on the first date: "Not really, but it happened one time. It wasn't sex. It was something more than that. I can't just have sex right away or it can't be just sex. There has to be more of a connection. I sleep naked but I wear sexy clothes to bed with a man. I practice some Tantric yoga. It helps me feel the connection with the other person."