Latina heat is hard to beat

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No woman shakes her ass quite like a thick Latina. Carmen Ross reminds us of that as soon as this scene begins. The camera focuses on her ass and Carmen, who loves dancing to Spanish music, pops her booty like her favorite Merengue song just blared onto the speakers at a poppin' nightclub. "Do you want that ass?" she asks her stud, Lucas Stone. "You know I do," he replies as he smacks her jiggling 44-inch apple bottom. "I know you want this booty," she responds. Of course, Carmen already knows he wants it, but she still likes to hear it. Who wouldn't want all of that booty? Carmen is thin in the waist, phat in the ass and we all want a taste. Carmen isn't only about ass worship, though. She works Lucas' magic stick like a pro as she moves her lovely Latina lips up and down it. She's got great "DSL," and we aren't referring to her Internet connection. We're talking about "dick-sucking lips," and that is something any man can appreciate. When our stud finally gets down to business with Carmen, he does more than fuck her. A woman like her requires a different touch. He beasts on her pussy from multiple positions because you have to explore every angle of that spicy, Latina twat. They start off doggy style before he turns her around and smashes reverse cowgirl. She uses the wall as support as her booty and her pussy slide up and down his stiff rod. That's what we call caliente. When Carmen is finally done, she takes a sticky facial. "I love your big, black cock," she says. Take care of a Latina and she will take care of you.