Ass-fucked by two guys. What will the neighbors say

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Taking turns on a MILF's horny ass...that's what this video is all about as Trixie Blu, a 48-year-old housewife from Ohio, gets it in the ass from two of our hornier studs...hornier because Trixie is such a piece of ass with her tight body and firm tits and nice ass and hug-your-cock pussy and pretty face. "Guys like my tits best," Trixie said. "At least that's what my husband likes the most. These guys seemed to be enjoying my ass. That's good. I sure was enjoying their cocks!" Trixie was born in Indiana and lives in Cincinnati. She is friends with model Cali Houston, who encouraged her to send us her pictures. She has sex at least once a day, more if she can. We asked her about the wildest thing she has ever done sexually and she said, "Other than this? It depends on your idea of wild. I once had sex on a trampoline in the backyard where all the neighbors could see." Did they see? "They must have, but nobody said anything." We have a feeling that if Trixie's neighbors see this, they won't say anything either. The women will be silently jealous. The men will just close their doors and jack.